Fin candidatures Velo-city 2017

Be part of what you want to see on stage and submit your abstract for Velo-city 2017 Arnhem – Nijmegen before the 30th of September.

Yes, we know that the Netherlands is a cyclist’s paradise, and that its cycling infrastructure and culture are unbeatable. This is one of the major reasons why Velo-city moves to Arnhem – Nijmegen in 2017. But let’s not underestimate the importance of contributions from other parts of the world, be it Chile, Morocco or India. We know there are numerous splendid ideas all over the globe that seek to encourage more people to cycle more often, and we want hear them.

We also want to hear more and different voices. We very much welcome abstracts from the younger generation of innovators, urban planners, cycling advocates and researchers, as well as women of any age who work in the field of cycling promotion. We aspire to gather a diverse and multi-cultural crowd of speakers who would not only challenge themselves, but also their international colleagues in order to come up with new innovative solutions.

Therefore we would like to ask you to challenge the Dutch and bring YOUR expertise onto the international stage. We want YOU to be part of what you want to see on stage! Send your abstract here.
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Elina Baltatzi
Outreach Officer
(+32) 2 8809 876

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