Int. Cycling Conf. Eltis, Manheim

De la recherche à la pratique.
International Cycling Conference, “Bridging the gap between research and practice”, to be held in Mannheim, Germany, on 19-21 September 2017, at the invitation of the German Environment Agency (UBA).

A l’occasion de la célébration des 200 ans de l’invention de la draisienne.
Les thèmes devraient être :

  • (1)  Determinants of cycling and walking, e.g. related to the individual transport user(s), to the transport system and the built environment, and to the social environment
  • (2)  Impacts of cycling and walking, e.g. on the economy, quality of life, health, safety, air pollution, noise, social inequalities and social capital
  • (3)  Strategies and policies for promoting cycling and walking, e.g. best practice examples and evidence from evaluation studies
  • (4)  Mobility cultures, e.g. social practices and meanings of cycling and walking
  • (5)  Governance, stakeholders and networks
  • (6)  Developing technologies in transport and the future impacts and contributions they may have on active mobility


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